What Are the Advantages of Rapid Prototype Machining?

Ⅰ. About rapid prototype machining

Rapid prototype machining is a new comprehensive manufacturing technology involving multiple disciplines. After the 1980s, with the application of computer-aided design, product modeling and design capabilities have been greatly improved. However, after the product design is completed and before mass production, samples must be produced to express the design concept, quickly obtain feedback information on the product design, and evaluate and demonstrate the feasibility of the product design. Time is profit in today's increasingly competitive market. In order to improve the competitiveness of products in the market, the entire process from product development to mass production is urgently required to reduce costs and increase speed. The emergence of rapid prototype machining provides an effective way to solve this problem, which has attracted much attention.

Rapid prototype machining is a general term for making product prototypes using the principle of discrete layering. The principle is that the 3D CAD model of the product is divided into layers, and then the raw materials are processed and stacked layer by layer according to the discrete plane geometric information, and finally, a solid model is generated.

Ⅱ. The advantages of rapid prototype machining

Now rapid prototype machining has become more and more mature and can meet various requirements of different industries. With the development of new technologies, rapid prototype machining can expand the scope of services to satisfy all customers.

1. Fast speed of rapid prototype machining: Just like the "rapid" in their name, rapid prototyping can produce customized prototypes and end-use products in a short amount of time. This saves a lot of time from research and indirectly saves a lot of money for our clients, after all, "time is money".

2. Low cost of rapid prototype machining: To ensure good quality, the total cost of production is also important to our customers. With the development of technology, the cost of similar products has been reduced by 10 times in the past 10 years, and rapid prototype machining has left more room for profit for customers.

3. High quality of rapid prototype machining: Whenever, quality should be the most important factor. As the material industry evolves and processing techniques are updated, our prototypes have also gotten better in appearance and structure.

4. High precision in rapid prototype machining: In the past few years, our finished prototypes have been measuring product dimensions with higher precision and tighter tolerances to meet customer needs.

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