Is Titanium CNC Machining Difficult?

Titanium plays an inseparable role in machining world due to its unique properties. However, many people think that machining titanium is quite a challenge. Compared to other materials, we can say titanium is a tough nut to crack.

Is Titanium CNC machining difficult?

First of all, titanium would generate a lot of heat in the machining process which destroys the surface of the part and consequently affects the product quality.

Second of all, titanium has high hardness and thickness, its chip breaking formed during the machining process may entangle the tool and make it not working properly which makes it almost impossible to realize automating titanium machining.

How to machine titanium properly?

1. Machining titanium requires positive-angle tools with geometric shapes to reduce cutting force, cutting heat and workpiece deformation. By using ‘climb milling’, arcing in, ending on a 45-degree chamfer, which helps to reduce tool damage.

2. High-pressure and large-flow coolant helps to ensure the thermal stability of the machining process and prevent surface degeneration and tool damage caused by excessive heat.

3. Work in the softest state of the titanium alloy as much as possible, because the material becomes more difficult to machine after hardening.

The difficulty of titanium machining also makes its product unique. For more assistance in machining titanium, you can always contact our experienced engineers at LJZ for a custom titanium solution.

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