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Does LJZ CNC Machining provide me with design drawing services?

We're sorry we can't, Sir/Madam. With received your 2D & 3D CAD drawings and order, then we will review your Design for Manufacturing.

What kind of design files does LJZ CNC Machining need for quoting?

To provide you precise price and high level parts, we need to receive and review your CAD file for all-round information of the parts. 3D CAD files in STEP, IGES or STL format is the best. PDF format 2D drawings with details is also okay. Please note that other unofficial communication channels, such as email, Skype, Whats app, SMS...ect, are not recognized and used.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Your enquiry is our first consideration. In general, you will get quote within 24 hours. If there are any special circumstances( such as during our national holidays, complex design parts file...ect.), we will inform you as soon as possible.

May I use my raw material for producing?

Definitely! But please make sure that the material provided by you is suitable to machine.

Can I use my own master model to make duplicate copies in CNC machining?

Of course, Sir/Madam. In addition, the main mold made of any rigid solid is also fantastic, which can withstand calories more than 99℃. At the same time, we will 3D scan the models for creating CAD/CAM programs to produce parts better.

How do you keep my design confidential?

Firstly, we will sign the confidentiality agreement with you; Secondly, both our company and factory have strict systems and policies that require employees to keep customer designs confidential; Thirdly, we use our brand and company's reputation to guarantee that we will never disclose any customer's private design information to a third party without permission.

Are lead times in calendar days or working days?

Our delivery time is calendar day. We will arrange the production after we receive, review and approve your complete design information.

How long does the delivery take for the ordered parts?

It depends on the order status: the time will be calculated after receiving your complete information of the CAD design file.

A. 1-7 days for Rapid prototype. 

B. 5-15 days for small batches orders. 

C. Large quantities or more complex parts are determined the delivery time according to the specific situation.

Shipping method: Air express. Please noted, from China to North America or Europe, it will take an extra few days.