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Discover our CNC screw machining service, swiss type turning service at LJZ, a professional swiss screw machining company in China. Our Swiss machining technology produces high-quality CNC machining products. And if you learn more about us, you will know that our cnc swiss screw machining services serving various industries ranges from automotive, medical, optical, and aerospace. Inquiry Now!

What is Swiss CNC Machining?

CNC Swiss Machining is a modern precision manufacturing technique. Very small, slender or delicate components can be produced with tight tolerances and extreme accuracy during the process. Our Swiss machining technology serves various industries, covering automotive, medical, optical, and aerospace. The process presents increased precision and yields high quality products, very cost-effective. Compared with traditional CNC lathe that only performs one operation at a time, Swiss CNC machine is capable of conducting simultaneously two or more operations in multiple zones. As a professional company providing swiss machining China, LJZ is dedicated to offering you the best products and services.

CNC Swiss Surface Finishes

As a responsible swiss screw machining company, providing high-quality products and satisfying service are our highst honor, which drives us to offer our customers with CNC machining and surface treatment one-stop services. These surface finishes are:

  • Sandblasting

  • Anodizing

  • Polishing 

  • Electroplating

  • Blacken

  • etc.

High Volume Swiss Screw Machine Part

High-volume Swiss screw machining is our strength. Equipped with a large number of first-class swiss machines, we are fully capable of producing at least one million swiss turned parts or more in a month. Combined with the automatic feeder, bar stock, die-casting or powder metallurgy and other auxiliary processes, LJZ swiss machining china put other products to shame with the premium quality and the most price advantage.


Differences Between Traditional CNC Turning And Swiss Machining

The structure of CNC machine is fundamentally different from the Swiss machine. This leads to a large gap between them in processing efficiency and accuracy.

1. Spindle box.

Conventional CNC lathes usually fix the spindle box of the machine tool. LJZ Swiss machines have movable spindle boxes.

2. Pillars.

In basic precision milling, the product is held in the barrel of the machine spindle. Long parts are not suitable for machining due to the offset of raw materials.

In Swiss machining, the barrel clamp that clamps the raw material can roll the sleeve along the spindle box of the machine tool behind the sliding rail. At the same time, the CNC blade can be operated around the guide pillar. The advantage of the Swiss machine therefore comes to the surface: it avoids offset and achieves the required high-precision dimensional tolerances.

3. Work ability.

Traditional CNC lathes usually have 3 or 4 axes. It is not possible to machine and milling parts in a single-cycle system.

As a Swiss turned parts supplier, LJZ Swiss machine has 5 axes and can be operated in a single machining cycle.

4. Cycle.

When dealing with complex parts, traditional precision machining usually requires processing on more than one machine. Greatly increased cycle time.

While the Swiss machine combines turning and milling. When working on more complex components, multiple processes can be carried out on a single machine. Cycle system time will be greatly reduced and part processing efficiency will be greatly improved.

5. Refrigerant.

In traditional milling, water is usually used as the refrigerant. In LJZ Swiss machining services, oil is used as the refrigerant. Because oil conducts heat faster than water, it is more advantageous to use oil as refrigerant in the process to achieve high-precision tolerances on parts.

6. Programming.

The Bias programming of Swiss machines is contrary to that of traditional CNC lathes. Particular attention is therefore required when switching jobs among engineers. To avoid the machine program breaking down due to usual setting habits.

Design Tips for CNC Swiss Machining

Although turning and milling are integrated into one in Swiss machining, there are more points to need to pay attention to than CNC machining:

1. Change the 90 ° internal angle to the R angle with radian. Since the drill bits of the centering machine are all round, it is difficult to process 90 degree right angles. Therefore, we usually recommend that customers change the design to R angle. Or use the EDM processing method to produce 90 degree right angles, but the cost will be higher.

2. Keep the ratio of drilling depth to diameter less than 8. Even for special bits, it is difficult to maintain strict tolerances in the production process.

3. Increase the design depth by 25% when the drilling is blind. Because in production, if the design depth is not enough, there will be a drilling mark at the bottom of the part.

4. Try to avoid thin wall. It is difficult to control the tolerance of thin wall, so it is recommended to increase the wall thickness appropriately. Or use EDM processing, while the cost is high.

5. Maintain proper tolerances. In the design drawing, it is necessary to set appropriate tolerances for the parts or only assign strict tolerances to the really important areas. Unnecessary tight tolerances may increase processing time and overall part costs.

6. You can share with us the purpose and functionality of the product. We are honored to recommend the most suitable raw materials and processing plan for you!

Benefits of Our Swiss Machining

LJZ is a swiss turned parts supplier dedicated in swiss machining services for so many years. To better serve our customers, we're committed to persuing for the most productive and powerful machines on the market to produce complex components. At LJZ swiss machining companies, we do not only deliver you the most optimal cost and quality, but also any production volume or level of precision to meet your specifications. Our partners will get the advantages below:

Almost 100 Star swiss Turning machines.

Complete auxiliary processing solutions such as die casting, MIM, cold forging etc.

Scheduled 3 shifts in 24 hours and holidays are no exception.

At least 1,000,000pcs production capabilities for any industries.

Advanced Quality Control System with leading optical inspection.

Swiss CNC Machining and Screw Machining

CNC Swiss screw machining is ideal for components that place high requirement on tight tolerance. CNC screw machining can handle a variety of metal and plastic, with reduced cost and improved performance. Especially useful for manufacturing critical high precision parts, this kind of CNC Swiss type turning automatic lathe has many other capabilities, such as cross tapping, slotting, and back drilling.           


Swiss CNC Machining Applied Industries

Swiss CNC Machining was originally used for watches industry to make the tiny and the intricate parts and also for a variety of industries to make long, small or slender turned parts. Generally speaking, if you are those who want to quickly produce a high volume of tiny and accurate parts with complex geometries and high-quality finishes for a relatively low cost, then Swiss CNC Machining would be a great option for you. LJZ, an expert in swiss machining services, could provide you satisfied products and excellent services. The following is the application of our Swiss machine in the main industries. Welcome to make an inquiry!

  • Information industry: from computer to mobile communication and remote control, all require manufacturing equipment based on ultra-fine technology and nanotechnology. While the control of these equipment relies on Swiss CNC machining. 

  • Medical industry: CNC machining technology is adopted in many modern medical diagnosis and treatment equipment, such as CT diagnostic instrument and minimally invasive surgical robot.       

  • Military industry: CNC automatic machining is widely used in modern military equipment control, such as artillery automatic aiming control and missile automatic tracking control.

  • Automobile industry: CNC Swiss machining technology accelerates the process of car processing enterprises stepping into small scale, high efficiency, and personalized phase. By employing this technology, rapid processing of automotive parts like cylinder, piston, and crankshaft is available.               

  • Aerospace industry: aerospace equipment tend to adopt lightweight materials like titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. Cutting the alloy in traditional machining methods results in deformation, reduced accuracy and quality. While CNC machining technology combined with high-speed mechanical technology could improve the cutting speed and generate less heat.

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CNC Swiss Machining Materials

Materials used in CNC Swiss Machining

We machine almost endless variety of materials to satisfy your precise specifications, including metals and plastics:

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Alloys, Titanium, PVC, ABS, Nylon, Derlin, Ultem, etc.

CNC Swiss screw machining service provided by LJZ is able to handle a wide range of raw materials. Our Swiss machines can be used to machine steels like stainless steel and carbon steel, metals such as aluminum, copper, and nickel. Titanium alloys and even plastic materials can be handled properly through Swiss machining.    

CNC Swiss Surface Finishes

As the final step of CNC Swiss machining, surface finishing at LJZ elevates the esthetic value of machined parts. It can also be employed for the adjustment of physical properties and electrical conductivity. The products gain increased strength and resistance after the process.   

High Volume Swiss Screw Machine Part

With our professional team and latest technology, we produce hundreds and thousands of precision parts every single day, here are some of our products as below:

Aircraft And Aerospace
Aircraft And Aerospace
Consumer Products
Consumer Products
Medical Device
Medical Device
Supply Chain & Purchasing
Supply Chain & Purchasing
Tool and Die
Tool and Die

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