In industrial design, in addition to commonly used metals, engineers also favor engineering-grade plastics. These plastic machined parts have favourite characteristics such as optical transparency, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. As one of the most experienced plastic machining services suppliers in the world, LJZ has been providing professional plastic machining, surface finishes, and assembly services for a long time, our CNC plastic parts not only ensure performance but also attract customers in perfect appearance.

LJZ has been doing custom plastic machining for many projects, we bring great products to various applications. As a plastic machining China company, we can offer you more types of plastic machining services than other plastic machining suppliers. We hope to bring you our excellent China plastic machining services .

Types of Surface Finishes In Machined Plastic Parts

As a highly acclaimed plastic machining services supplier, we are not only good at surface treatment of metal products but also professional in surface finishes of CNC plastic machined parts: painting, silk screen printing,  powder coating, electroplating, laser engraving, polished transparent, fumigated transparent, dyeing, etc.

Engineering Grade Plastics That We Mostly Work With

The most commonly machined engineering plastics are ABS, POM, PTFE, PEEK, Nylon, Acrylic, polycarbonate etc. These CNC plastics have long been used in electronics, instrument & equipment, precision machinery, aerospace, medical and other fields.

Here are some of these engineering plastics for your reference, but NOT limited.

High mechanical strength
High rigidity
High surface hardness
High dimensional stability
Quick prototype
Electronics, electrical appliances,
Plastic housings and components
TransparentHigh mechanical strength
Can be polished and transparent
Good insulation
Optics manifold
Medical components
High mechanical strength
High compressive strength
Wear resistance
Good machinability
Precision mechanical parts
Water-resistant parts
Bearings, gears, impellers, bushing, gaskets
PTFEWhiteHigh-temperature resistance
Wear and corrosion resistant
Good flame retardancy
Oil & gas
Mechanical components
High rigidity and hardness
High-temperature resistance
UV and radiation resistance
Medical treatment

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CNC Custom Plastic Machining Parts Gallery

Custom plastic machining services, also known as plastic molding, is the process of processing plastics or synthetic resins into plastic products, which currently consists of several steps, including ingredients, molding, machining, joining, finishing, and assembly. Check PTFE machined parts and teflon machined parts from LJZ precision plastic machining.

CNC Plastic Parts

Tool and Die Molded Plastic
Tool and Die Molded Plastic
Aerospace Plastic Part
Aerospace Plastic Part
Automotive Plastic Part
Automotive Plastic Part
Medical Plastic Part
Medical Plastic Part
Optical Plastic Part
Optical Plastic Part
Plastic Consumer Products
Plastic Consumer Products
Supply Chain & Purchasing Plastic Part
Supply Chain & Purchasing Plastic Part

Materials Services

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