When to Choose 5-Axis CNC Machining Services?

CNC machining refers to a process method for processing parts on CNC machine tools. The process regulations of CNC machine tool processing and traditional machine tool processing are generally consistent, but significant changes have also taken place.

1. When should you choose 5-axis CNC machining service technology?

5-axis CNC machining services are very popular in the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, compressor machining, medical, robotics, defense, marine and alternative energy industries. Use this machining when you want to handle complex parts from a single setup, require precision, increased productivity, improved finishing, multi-dimensional cutting and forming, small batches, faster turnaround times, and other functions for machining workpieces.

They are used in military products, nursing molds, mechanical parts, titanium parts, milling, artificial bones and other products. It is used in work areas that require a single step with the shortest lead time. It provides proper accessibility for cutting and forming of part geometry. 5-axis CNC machining services This type of CNC machining is best when you are dealing with different materials, complex parts and a considerable workload. This processing is continuous, faster, more direct, and the results are better. For high quality and high efficiency, this processing is the best choice.

2. 5-axis CNC machining service improves machining accuracy

5-axis CNC machining services offer greater precision as it does not require much setup. Added settings just throw more errors. It also increases the durability of the particular tool due to the widespread use of chopped tools. The additional motion of the 5-axis CNC machining service allows the part to come into closer contact with the cutting tool. The fourth and fifth axes can be reached with shorter tools with less vibration, resulting in smoother and more precise surface finishes.

3. 5-axis CNC machining service reduces cost and delivery time

5-axis CNC machining services reduce several of the inaccuracies of traditional 3-axis machining and reduce the amount of parts handled, keeping the cost per part as low as possible. It also increases tool life and reduces the need for expensive fixtures. Longer lead times are required when using 3-axis machines due to the extensive setup time required. If you need to produce many identical parts, using a 5-axis CNC machining service with multiple pallets will significantly reduce lead times.

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