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CNC Turning
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CNC Turning is a machining process primarily used to manufacture cylindrical parts. Pieces of material (a piece of relatively rigid material such as metal and plastic) are held in a chuck as a machine tool is fed to the piece to cut away excess material to produce the desired shape with precise diameters and depths. LJZ is a professional cnc turning parts supplier, we can provide you relevant services.

CNC Turning Service Price

Our CNC Turning Service

At LJZ, we have invested state-of-art mill and turn equipment to improve efficiency and ensure accuracy of complex turned parts. As the picture shows, you can see our large and professional cnc precision turning factory. In addition, combined with our advanced programming and engineering technology, the turning time in turned parts can be accurate to every second.

Our swiss turning machines are from Japan Star, which can maintain the consistency of accuracy and efficiency in 24-hours-working a year. Our monthly everage Swiss CNC turning production capability is 1, 000, 000pcs, which proves that we are a truly excellent cnc turning machining parts supplier.

Discover our precision CNC precision turning/lathing/machining service for sale at LJZ, a reliable precision CNC turning manufacturer in China. Material of our CNC precision turned parts/components/products can be aluminum/stainless steel/brass/copper/titanium and other metal. Wide selection. To choose the best cnc turned part supplier, E-mail Us Now!

Our CNC Turning Capabilities

Our experienced and professional programming team and operators have been proficient in various operations of precision turning, which includes:

Hard TurningTapered Turning

With large cutting depth and fast work piece speed, the efficiency of CNC machining turning is usually several times that of grinding. And the auxiliary time of precision CNC turning by LJZ factory is short. In the same productivity, turning machine has the benefits of low equipment and auxiliary system cost. Besides, precision CNC turning service by LJZ, a professional CNC turning company, ensures overall machining accuracy and is a rather flexible processing method. 

Benifits of Our CNC Turning Service

One-off rapid prototype part can be created as fast as in one day

Long-term run high volume CNC turning production

ISO 9001 Certified

PPAP and FMEA for automotive clients

Automatic machinery, experienced engineers, and 100% QC assurance

CNC Turning FAQs

CNC Turning Process

CNC turning in machining is a process for cylindrical parts making. During the process, the cutting tool runs in a linear way, and at the same time, the work piece rotates. The rotation of different materials like metal and plastic is achieved through computer numerical control. CNC turning can be employed inside or outside the work piece for the manufacturing of small turned parts. 

What is the difference between CNC turning centers and CNC lathes?

Processing object: box components like computer case are processed on CNC turning machining center, while materials needing 360°rotation are often handled on CNC lathes.     

Rotation: on CNC lathe, the spindle help with rotating; on turning center, the rotation is achieved by cutting tools.

Function: generally, CNC lathe is a step-by-step process, while CNC turning center integrate all the procedures: milling, reaming, drilling, boring, etc.    

Efficiency: turning center can produce more CNC turning parts than lathe machine.    

Cost: turning centers are somewhat expensive than lathe machine, but are more cost effective. 

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Our CNC Turning Available Materials

As a professional precision CNC turning parts supplier, we work with a wide range of metals and plastics, and familiar with the characteristics of each material in turning process. Common materials used in our CNC turning/turned parts include: stainless steel and alloy steel, brass/copper, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, nickel, nylon, PEEK, ABS, etc.

CNC Lathing Service

LJZ, a rather excellent cnc precision turning parts factory, provides customized CNC lathing service. With our computer controlled lathe machines, the materials to be shaped is placed in the lathe and spun at a high rate of speed. For the desired shape, the spinning item is further handled by many other tools. Secondary process is required for CNC lathe machining parts like coloring and shielding.

Industries and Applications of Our CNC Turned Components

LJZ CNC turning technologies and facilities are designed to meet the strict requirements of industrial customers by offering end-to-end precision CNC turning service. We work with demanding mechanical engineers who come from the following industries: aerospace, automotive, medical devices, tool and die, opticals, consumer products... 

Picture Display of CNC Turning Parts

As a reputable CNC precision turned components supplier, LIZ provides different kinds of high-quality CNC machining turning parts, such as CNC turned titanium components and CNC turning brass parts, with quite competitive price and considerate service. Supported by experienced engineering team and advanced machines, CNC turning products by LJZ has won the trust and recognition of customers.

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