Why Use CNC Machining?

CNC machining is an effective method for manufacturing small batches, complex shapes, high precision and a wide variety of parts. It is widely used throughout the manufacturing industry to process various parts of various materials. CNC machine tools are increasingly replacing manual machine tools, such as vertical milling machines, shaping machines, planers and center lathes. So why use CNC machining?

1. CNC machining has flexible processing capabilities

CNC machining has very flexible production capacity and can manufacture customized machined parts. The CNC machine tools can be completely reprogrammed in a short time to produce completely different products. In this way, they can quickly make one part into another. In addition, they can also store processing programs for use at any time, which makes it flexible to complete large or small orders.

2. The machining accuracy of CNC machining is high

Numerical control digital templates and automatic processing have almost eliminated human error and achieved accuracy within 1/1000th. CNC machining tools are controlled by a precisely programmed computer system and processed according to instructions in digital form. Numerical control processing does not require manual intervention, thus eliminating errors caused by the operator. In addition, when designing and manufacturing CNC machine tools, many measures have been taken to make the mechanical parts of CNC machine tools reach higher precision.

3. CNC machining can improve processing productivity

Unlike manual machining, CNC machining can run at all-weather speeds as needed. They only stop working when maintenance or repair is needed. As long as you perform routine maintenance inspections, these machines can run perfectly continuously. The working speed of CNC machining is also much faster than that of manual work. Because they are faster and do not require rest, CNC machining has excellent high productivity.

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