Tips for Saving CNC Machining Costs

1. During CNC machining, the material selection should be fine and the part design should be simplified

Select the materials for CNC processing according to the application of parts. Remember to choose highly machinable materials as much as possible. Hard materials (e.g., steel, titanium or other superalloys) are used only when their mechanical properties are required for the application.

You should simplify your parts as much as possible and focus on meaningful designs. In order to minimize machining time, tool utilization and machining process, you should not make part features too complex when they are irrelevant to your application. Please note that the price of parts will increase with the complexity of machining parts.

2. Strict tolerance requirements shall be avoided as far as possible during CNC processing

CNC processing of parts with more strict tolerances is more difficult to achieve, so it is expensive. Control dimensions only when they are critical to the overall function of the part. First, you should minimize the size control of parts, and then the mechanic to reduce the inspection time.

If complexity is unavoidable, convert a part of a complex part into a modular component. When a part becomes too complex, it is recommended to split the whole part into multiple components for assembly. This will make CNC processing easier and simpler. It significantly reduces setup time, reduces machining operations, and optimizes machining time. This is a strategy commonly used by designers to improve the manufacturability of parts and reduce their manufacturing cost.

3. Hole size and contour shall be considered in CNC machining

When manufacturing your CNC parts, you should ensure that your part features can be made by common standard tools. Customizing hole and thread sizes requires special tools, which can be very expensive. There are many references on the Internet about the standard sizes used in the machining industry. Remember to use special hole sizes only when required or required by the application.

Thin wall parts and deep cavities are difficult to realize by CNC machining, and are often prone to inaccurate dimensions. These part features often cause part vibration and sometimes lead to part scrapping. As we often say, difficult parts are actually expensive to manufacture.

Minimize your machine operation. More operations mean longer setup and CNC processing time. Develop your machining technology strategy in such a way to achieve your goals with minimal setting changes.

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