About CNC Lathe and CNC Turning

1. About CNC turning

CNC turning is a manufacturing process in which a material bar is placed in a chuck and rotated while using a specific tool to remove the identified material to create the desired shape. The high-precision CNC turning process is controlled by precision computer software, which can accurately control materials and tools to cut according to the precise specifications of the programmer. In CNC turning, the tool is usually fed by rotating the workpiece, which usually uses various angles and many different tool shapes.

CNC turning is usually used to create parts that are symmetrical near their axes. For example, a chess piece is a symmetrical part near its axis. The shapes you can create using CNC turning vary greatly, and the possibilities are unlimited by adding other machining processes. CNC machine language provides precise control of speed, position, coordination and feed rate. By feeding raw bars into the machine, it can operate continuously with the participation of the least number of personnel. Some of the direct benefits associated with bar feed precision turning parts include improving machining accuracy, achieving complex details, creating flexibility in manufacturing, improving safety, increasing output, and reducing setup conversion time.

2. CNC lathe and CNC turning

In most cases, today's lathes are usually called CNC lathes and CNC turning centers. CNC lathe is a relatively simple 2-axis (X-axis and Z-axis) machine tool, which is controlled by computer and generally has only one spindle. They are usually of the flat plate type and may have only the smallest protective enclosure around the machine and machine rails.

CNC turning center is also controlled by computer, but it has more powerful functions. It can have 3, 4 or 5 axes, and has more general functions and applications, such as turning, drilling, tapping and milling. It uses powered rotating tool turret, auxiliary spindle (double spindle), Y axis and multiple turrets. They are usually inclined bed type and have a complete machine shell to prevent chips and coolant splashing in the machine. CNC turning center has higher production capacity than CNC lathe.

Aerospace, automobile, medical treatment, oil and natural gas are some industries that use CNC turning. These machines are particularly good at machining round metal parts, bars, pipes, gears, etc. Multitasking is the word that best describes the power tool power turret. Power tools allow the lathe to mill, drill, turn and tap workpieces. The benefit is reduced workflow time, which improves your productivity and profitability.

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