How to Improve CNC Machining Efficiency?

Under the condition of rigidity permitting, a larger depth of cut is used for rough machining to reduce the number of passes and increase the productivity of the workpiece; for finishing, a smaller depth of cut is generally used to obtain a higher surface quality. The final CNC machining accuracy and processing efficiency of the workpiece depends on the CNC machine tool, appropriate processing route settings, tool selection, correct installation methods, reasonable selection of cutting volume, programming skills, and rapid control dimensional accuracy. 

Ⅰ. Programming skills of CNC machining

Numerical control programming is the essential work of numerical control processing. The pros and cons of the programming of workpiece processing directly affect the machine tool's final processing accuracy and processing efficiency. You can cleverly use the inherent program, reduce the cumulative error of the CNC system, and use the main program and subroutine flexibly.

Ⅱ. Reasonable setting of processing route for CNC machining

The appropriate setting of the CNC processing route and processing sequence is an essential basis for optimizing the programming of workpiece processing. It can be considered in terms of processing trajectory and feed method. When the workpiece is CNC milled, it is necessary to select the appropriate feed method in accordance with the process requirements of the workpiece to ensure the cutting precision and processing efficiency of the workpiece.

When milling the outer contour of a plane workpiece, the cutting-in and cutting-out route of the tool should be arranged. Try to cut in and out along the extension line of the contour curve to avoid knife marks at the junction. At the same time, down or up-cut milling should be selected according to the condition of the workpiece in the milling process.

Ⅲ. Tool selection and correct installation for CNC machining

Whether it is CNC machining or ordinary machining, because the tool directly acts on the workpiece, its selection and installation are the most important factors for the workpiece's machining accuracy and surface quality. Especially when the workpiece is processed on the CNC machining center, the cutting tools are stored in the tool magazine in advance, and once the processing starts, they cannot be replaced at will. Therefore, the general principle of tool selection is convenient installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high durability, and high precision.

In addition to the first three aspects, to improve the efficiency of CNC machining should also pay attention to the reasonable choice of cutting parameters. Cutting amount is an important content of the CNC machining process. Its size is an important parameter of the machine tool's main motion and feeds motion. It has an important influence on the machining accuracy, machining efficiency, and tool wear of the workpiece. The choice of cutting amount includes cutting speed, cutting amount, and feed amount.

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