CNC Turning and Precision Turning

Ⅰ. What is CNC turning

CNC turning is the process of manufacturing detailed turned parts with the help of a lathe. CNC turning is a highly skilled engineering machinery process that can create and manufacture more detailed parts for different purposes. The basic method is the same as that of a traditional lathe, but the CNC lathe is controlled by a computer and everything is controlled, motor speed and tool speed have no chance of error. Using modern CNC lathes and CNC components, very fine details can be made with very tight tolerances in the required work. The lathe is all controlled by a computer program, which tracks every machining process in the work.

Ⅱ. What is precision turning

CNC is a new innovation in precision machining technology, because it can perform various high-precision machining at the same time, that is precision turning. It has a small digital computer, programmed according to requirements, and then the machine completes all processes according to the program fed back to the computer. Special technicians and operators are required to run the machine smoothly and safely. In our daily life, CNC aluminum is processed in most factories every day.

Compared with traditional machining processes, precision turning has many advantages, some of which are listed below:

1. The high precision and accuracy of precision turning. Produce extremely accurate and precise parts in a shorter time. 

2. Compared with traditional processing technology, precision turning is very time-saving. 

3. Precise turning processing saves costs. Due to less labor and resources, the manufacturing cost is low. 

4. Precision turning is safer, because you don't have to interact with the machine, it is very safe compared to the previous machining process. In a CNC machine tool, you only need to enter the program into the computer, and the rest of the work is left to the machine tool.

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