Sales of injection molded parts are expected to hit a new high

The form of the global epidemic is severe, virus testing and vaccination are key tasks of various countries. With the expansion of the scope of foreign virus testing and the development of new crown vaccines, the demand for parts for disposable injection molding machines has increased sharply. Many countries have increased the procurement and storage of relevant medical consumables such as nasopharyngeal swab sampling and preservation tubes, 96-well microtiter plates, pipettes, petri dishes, disposable syringes, and medicine bottles. In the foreseeable future, the medical manufacturing industry will continue to burst out new vitality.

Sales of injection molded parts are expected to hit a new high

Compared with ordinary molded plastics, medical injection molding requires higher requirements.

1. Due to most toxic monomers and oligomers, medical device injection molding has strict restrictions on the residues of these substances;

2. According to the national standards of medical plastics, the status of residual zinc, lead, cadmium, copper, barium, tin and other metal ions has been clearly defined;

3. Injection molding of medical devices requires high purity and narrow molecular weight distribution;

4. Various additives need to be added during plastic processing or modification. The added amount of plasticizer in injection molded products of medical devices is usually as high as 30-60%.

5. According to the requirements of injection molding of medical devices, it is usually necessary to manufacture products with hydrophilic surface, anti-condensation, anti-radiation sterilization and other functions.

LJZ CNC Machining has been working hard to improve itself and better adapt to the production conditions and product process requirements of the medical industry.

Since the beginning of this year, the injection molding industry has been out of stock, in short supply, and longer delivery times. The situation has not been alleviated. In order to meet production needs, all production bases of LJZ are expanding their production capacity. At the same time, we are also guiding customers to schedule procurement plans in advance. LJZ strives to contribute to the global prevention and control of the new crown virus!

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