What is the CNC Milling Process?

1. Know the CNC milling service

CNC milling service (computer numerical control milling) is a CNC machining process that involves removing material from a workpiece by rotating and moving cutting tools such as milling cutters, and correctly positioning the workpiece to produce or complete customized CNC machining objects. CNC milling technology can be used to shape the shape of the part from beginning to end, and it is best to use the feature or definition as the secondary or finishing process of the CNC machined part. Milling tools can be placed horizontally or vertically, but because the CNC milling machine has developed and grown, it can move on several axes, up to 5 axes. In addition to repositioning the workpiece, it also allows more movement of the cutting workpiece.

2. What is the CNC milling service process?

Starting from using CAD software to design NC milling part drawings or geometric figures, then the CAM software converts the file into a NC machine program, which can instruct the machine to do and how to do it. CNC milling services use computer technology to complete the manufacturing. The following are the basic production stages: design the CNC milling CAD model; convert the CAD model to the CNC milling service program, set up the CNC milling machine; cut small pieces from the bulk material to obtain an approximate shape; Perform CNC milling service operations with higher precision and accuracy.

Because milling can achieve very high accuracy without changing the material structure and has good manufacturing speed, CNC milling is becoming more and more popular because of the continuous growth of its machine range, control system and cutting tools. Our CNC milling services are used to produce a variety of custom-designed CNC milling parts and products in all areas of the industry: such as the electronics industry, the medical industry, the automotive industry, the machine tool industry, and so on.

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