What Are the Characteristics of CNC Machining?

1. High precision CNC machining

CNC machine tools are highly integrated mechatronics products. It consists of precision machinery and automatic control system. Therefore, the transmission system of the machine tool and the structure of the machine tool have high rigidity and thermal stability. When designing the transmission structure, measures to reduce the error are taken and compensated by the numerical control device, so the numerical control machine tool has higher machining accuracy. CNC machine tools for CNC machining parts are not limited by the complexity of the parts, which is incomparable with ordinary machine tools. Since the CNC machine tool automatically performs CNC machining according to the programmed program, the human error of the operator is eliminated, the consistency of the processing size of the same batch of parts is improved, the processing quality is stable, and the product qualification rate is high. For parts that need to be completed in multiple processes, one clamping can carry out continuous processing of multiple processes, which reduces the clamping error and improves the machining accuracy of the parts.

2. High productivity of CNC machining

The feed rate and spindle speed range of CNC machine tools are large, and the most reasonable cutting amount can be selected. CNC machining parts on CNC machine tools has low requirements on fixtures, and the machine tool does not need to be complicated to adjust. CNC machine tools have high repeatability and positioning accuracy, which greatly shortens the production preparation cycle and saves measurement and inspection time. Therefore, the productivity of CNC machine tools is much higher than that of ordinary machine tools. If the CNC machining center is used to realize automatic tool change, and the turntable is used to automatically change the position, multiple processes can be processed on one machine tool, and the cycle time of semi-finished products is shortened, and the production efficiency is particularly improved.

3. Strong adaptability to CNC machining

The control information for realizing automatic CNC machining on the CNC machine tool is the machining program. When the processing object changes, in addition to changing the tool and solving the workpiece clamping method, new parts can be automatically processed as long as the processing program of the part is rewritten and input, without any complicated adjustment of the machine tool, which shortens the production time. The preparation cycle provides a shortcut for the research and development of new products, as well as product improvement and modification.

CNC machining can reduce labor intensity and improve labor conditions. Using CNC machine tools for processing, firstly, prepare the processing program according to the drawing requirements, then input the program, debug the program, clamp the parts for CNC machining, observe and monitor the processing process and load and unload the parts. In addition, there is no need to carry out heavy and repetitive manual operations, labor intensity and tension can be greatly reduced, and labor conditions are also improved accordingly.

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